MDF-bedframe, compost, imprint of body
190 x 135 x 30 cm


Still image of field, 24-minute loop with birdsong (skylarks, cranes and crows), TV, TV-table, earth from backyard, chair

Return by petterpetterpetter

See video

Re: Building

Clay from the M74 roadworks in Glasgow, MDF-grid, chicken wire
ca 300 x 700 cm


Solo show in the Vic Gallery, Glasgow School of Art

Read my own reflections on the show here.

Installing be|long

Installment of solo show in The Vic Gallery, Glasgow School of Art.

Egg (version II)

Metal boxes, compost, glass, brick, stone, metal mesh
150 x 70 x 15 cm

Egg (version I)

Metal boxes, compost, stone, brick and computer cable
150 x 70 x 15 cm

Earth & Grid

Metal box, compost, metal grid
70 x 70 x 15 cm

Imaginary Stones

Pencil on paper
Each 42 x 29,7 cm