Sail of Theseus

3D-sketches for Supporting Act.


A few pictures of the process leading up to my degree show.

Home is a place where you've never been

CLS timber, plywood, concrete, glass, debris netting, rug woven from debris netting
244 x 410 x 124 cm
January 2016


CLS timber, plywood, concrete, wooden pallet, steel, ink transfer on newsprint
244 x 122 x 122 cm
January 2016

On returning

Concrete, straw, debris netting, wire, barrier tape
December 2015

Dona, Dona

Steel, debris netting, CD-player, audio track (5:39)
240 x 260 x 350 cm
October 2015

 ► AUDIO TRACK (5:49)

Carried on the crest of a crashing wave / Dust in the air suspended

January 2015

Carried on the crest of a crashing wave
Glass, steel, wire rope, concrete, earth, oakplant, salmon-pink newsprint

Dust in the air suspended
Steel, concrete, granite, salmon-pink newsprint

Build a tower to the victor

Digital photograph
December 2014


Digital photograph
December 2014

The situation is being managed

Glass, silicone, granite
December 2014

Circling (this is but a temporary lull)

November 2014

After production

Glass, silicone, marker pen
December 2014

End of term review

Finally a blog update. The results of the first term of my MFA at Goldsmiths.

Studio view
December 2014

In a City Full of Voids

March 2014

Flyer: Make It Useless

Upcoming exhibition

Temple of Hera

April 2013